Aug 29 2014

Heh. Hi?

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Sooooo.. yeah blog. BllllawwG. I think I can still say the word. Maybe I will start posting again.. but yuck my site looks ancient and all sorts of phooey.

Since last May

  • I had a baby (July 30, 2013 to be exact)! The cutest little girl in the whole wide world.
  • I went back to work part-time, now working in Downtown San Jose.
  • I’ve dabbled in some freelance food photography for a local new restaurant. Lots of fun there.
  • Baby baby baby baby is pretty much the rest of my time.

Basically the three of you (maybe two?) that even have this page bookmarked know all of these things.. I’m just pushing buttons right now. Considering a few options.. I want to revive the page, maybe bring in my Instagram feed.. I dunno.

We’ll see. Just dusting things off..

Hi and bye!

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May 01 2013


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Sometimes I have these moments were I see a cute little baby and suddenly I’m not moving and realize… omg… we’re going to have one of those. Near me, in my arms, blinking, breathing, wiggling… pooping, crying, drooling… but here.

I had one of these realizations smack dab in the middle of dinner out with Adam the other night.

I had been craving simple chicken Pad Thai. Nothing fancy, just some Pad Thai. That noodley, nutty, chickeny goodness. Mmm… oh so anyway, was craving it. So off we went to Thai Spice. Since it was a Sunday evening, the place was not too busy so it was rather quiet.

Adam and I were having a conversation – and not a rushed one or full of random gibberish of the day. It was actually a pretty good one! There was a pause in conversation, and right then I sighed and put down my fork. I looked down at my stomach and I said to Adam, “I can’t believe we’re going to have a baby.”

Adam’s eyes got big and he quickly looked around, almost in a slight panic.

“Wait — did I just pass out for 10 minutes? Did I miss a conversation? Where did this come from?”

Yeah, my train of thought gets derailed at a moment’s notice. It happens. I didn’t think it really did, but it does. That ‘pregnant brain‘ thing is REAL, YO.

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Apr 22 2013

Bumps & Ice Cream

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So there’s a comparison of just a few of the weekly photos we’ve been taking. At first, we started out with a cheapie backdrop and doing the “same outfit” thing – but I soon got bored of that. We were mostly doing that because we were still keeping the news secret.

Now what we’re doing, and I find this much more fun, is taking photos in locations that I have something to say about. So for example, “19 Weeks” was at my birthday at San Pedro Square Market, “20 Weeks” was in Downtown San Jose’s SoFA District, in front of the awesome murals they have. We actually took some of our Save The Date photos in front of this same mural. “23 Weeks” might seem a bit drab to you – it’s our patio. But that’s the thing, it’s on the patio of the apartment we lived in the year our baby will be born. Also, I’m standing next to our plant Stan. Yes, he has a name. And he’s been alive since, 2002 I believe. There’s a lot of places on our to-do list; we have the Maker Faire coming up for example – that will be a fun one! Perhaps I’ll stand near some weird contraption that is on fire? You never know what you’ll see there.

So for the longest time, we’d call Penny “Baby”. She’s our little furbaby you know! The other day she hopped down from the coffee table (yes she walks on it and we’re horrible and let her do that) and started to walk away. Around the same time, the baby was doing some kind of aerobics so I tapped my stomach and said “Are you awake, Baby?” Well. Penny whipped her head around, meowed (with that little kitty question mark at the end of the meow), turned around and jumped back up on the coffee table and looked at me, pretty much asking “You called? What’s up?” Heh – oopsie. So now we’re trying not to call her Baby anymore, just.. for the time being at least, until we address the Baby as her name… which is still top secret!

Part of me wants to say that I don’t have cravings but I guess that’s a lie. At this point in my pregnancy, I really should be able to hop on the private company jet of Ben & Jerry’s. Seriously, they need to start running new flavors by me, considering how much stock I must own by now. That said, and this goes for the endless food photos I post, the amount I eat in one sitting is still the same. Do I eat ice cream? Yes, but, it’s about 5 good spoonfuls and then I’m done. I might return to the container at a later time for another few bites, but really, that’s it for the day. I think that’s pretty good considering before the surgery I could kill a pint of ice cream in one sitting. (I was fat and really talented at making bad food choices, this should not sound shocking.) But basically I’ve moved on from grapes and now I’m on oranges as my current fruit phase. I destroyed about four mandarin oranges earlier today and as I type this I’m considering having one because it SOUNDSSOGOOD right now. Other than that, no really “weird” cravings.

It has finally hit the 80s and while I was SO EAGER to have the weather change, I’m trying not to regret those thoughts. I’m already warmer than I normally am at this time of the year. Which means, it’s only a matter of time before I set up a tent and live by the pool at our complex.

You’ll come visit me, yes?

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Apr 07 2013

Overfelt Gardens Park

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Adam and I spent a bit of the morning wandering around Overfelt Gardens Park. The last time we were there was back in 2005 (see Flickr set here) and since we live much closer to it now, I thought we’d give it another go.

One of the nice things about the park is that it’s quiet! Also it is filled with trees and green grass. Some parks we’ve been to, while they have some trees and grass, are often just patches here and there and the land is still rather “dry”.

We didn’t meander into the Chinese Gardens this time because there was a group of people doing some form of Tai-Chi exercises and we didn’t want to bother them. Plus it gives us another half of the park to explore on another day.

While the signs say there is no barbecuing allowed (no pits available), there are ample picnic tables around which prompted my grand idea of having weekend picnics now that the weather is better. Looking forward to getting out more! Plenty of shaded areas to enjoy a sandwich. (Posted a handful of photos in a new Flickr set here.)


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