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So those that follow this blog already know about our baby news (hello there family and friends!) But I started to write little snip-its about each week during the first and into the beginning of the second trimester.

But this is the first time I’ve started to post about it here, simply because it had been a secret for so long. I thought I’d kind of recap some of what I’ve been going through the last few months, and from here on out… there’s a lot of stuff to say! Or not a lot.. it depends.

So if you’re already sick of me talking about baby stuff (either in person or on FB) then, don’t read it. Easy peasy, right?


I began to write a bit several weeks back…

8 Weeks – January 4th:

According to various calculators available on baby-centric websites, I’m 8 weeks pregnant. Which means Baby-O is the size of a raspberry. That kind of freaks me out a little bit. Blueberries, ok, split peas and poppyseeds.. eh. But raspberry? That’s ginormous! Well, ok maybe not. But it’s a little freaky to think about.

I took a pregnancy test back in November and it was negative. Come to find out, I took it about a week too early. My “friend” still hadn’t shown up and I was getting suspicious so I decided to take another one.. and ba-da bing, Pregnant! I gotta say, it’s weird to see the little pink lines show up on that damn stick. I went to the store and bought a cheapie baby bottle and filled it with candy wrapped in pink and blue wrapping. Let me tell you, this was in the middle of Christmas/Holiday-a-palooza at the stores so finding candy NOT in red, green, or gold wrapping was quite a challenge! So I wrapped that up and decided to give Adam an early Christmas gift. He didn’t quite ‘get it’ right away (Adam, oof.) But when he did, he was very excited.

And now the waiting. Had doctors appointments to confirm pregnancy and make sure levels are going up and all that fun stuff aside, it’s been a mostly quiet few weeks.

Quiet and EXHAUSTING. I swear all I want to to do is sleep. Please? Can I just nap now? I might have just gotten up an hour ago after sleeping all night but I think a 2-hour nap will help too. No matter how much I’ve read, I had no idea I could ever be this exhausted. Even with walking and keeping active, still tired as all hell.

Then, morning sickness arrived! I kind of embrace all of these symptoms because it just means things are progressing as planned. I was curious how my morning sickness would be because of the Gastric Bypass surgery. Would it be the same? Less intense? More? The only thing I have to compare it to is what you read, other’s experiences, and everyone favorite – television and movies! (Because they’re SO REAL.)

Would I yack? Before the pregnancy, I rarely would. Only if I ate too much too fast (or drank liquid too soon after eating). TMI? Tough. So how will the “morning sickness” (and yes, it arrives whenever it wants throughout the day) feel with my smaller stomach? Well, so far it’s mostly just nausea.. queasy uneasy feelings. I sip water or hot tea and snack on crackers or nuts. It usually goes away after awhile.

Though in the last week it’s shown up more around when I’m actually eating rather than going away after eating, so that’s pretty annoying. I’ve had only a few food aversions.

When it comes to cravings, there are mixed results when learning about WHEN cravings truly show up, but I have noticed food either appeals or not to me much stronger than ever before. For example, last night for dinner I had leftover shrimp (fried – yeah not healthy, but tasty) and steamed veggies. I ate about as much as I normally can and that was that. About an hour/2 hours later I was hungry again but nothing we had at home seemed good at all. And not just in a way where I’m being picky – I like the food we have! But.. nothing was appealing AT ALL. That is until I saw someone making a sandwich on a movie we were watching. That looked tasty.. but it led me to think about those little sweet pickles you eat at picnics or on appetizer platters and that’s ALL I COULD THINK OF.


9 Weeks – January 11th:

Baby is now considered a “fetus”! Wow.. getting more “real” every day!

Food. It’s on my mind a lot.. here’s a little list of some items making their way into my tummy:

• Green seedless grapes. OH the delicious crunch! But they must be chilled. I’ve always loved ‘em, but right now I could eat gobs and gobs of them.

• Sweet gherkin pickles. I haven’t had these for years and so they really earn the title of being the first thing I have officially craved. I bought two jars of them and proceeded to do a little dance with one of the jars in the kitchen. Then I ate about 5 in a row.

• Flan. Ok I think this one is because we had some awhile back from Chavez Supermarket and I thought it was pretty tasty. So when Adam ran to the store for enchilada fixin’s, I told him to bring back two containers. Yes, two. Bring on the caramel goodness! This craving won’t last long, it’s a random one for sure. (Edit: Yeah, it didn’t last long. Maybe one more purchase since then!)


10/11 Weeks – January 15-23rd:

Baby is REAL! ;)

We went to our first doctor’s appointment and had an ultrasound.

There is little Baby-O (which what I’m already assessing as a big head – thanks, Adam.) It was a pretty surreal moment. At one point you could see a little bit of the pixels fluttering – it was the baby’s heart. A whole heart! Right there! Beating away… so amazing.


13 Weeks – February 6th:

We went in for our next scan – this one where they check the spine, neck, etc for anything abnormal. This one was way more detailed. This photo focused on the upper part of the body. You can see the baby lying on it’s back, left side of the photo is the head/face. There’s a face in my belly! And arms! and legs! SO WEIRD.


We began to tell people – starting with our parents and close friends. We gave it a good three weeks of running around trying to meet up or call as many people as we could. Then, we let it out on Facebook because, frankly, that’s the next place right?

FREEDOM! It’s nice to be “out” with the news – I can just talk freely about it and let my tummy hang out a bit (depends what I wear right now.)


18 Weeks – March 12th:

Today was a big day! We were to find out if Baby-O was going to be a girl or boy. All this time I’d been leaning toward boy, Adam was thinking girl.

So here we are, in the car on the way to the doctor’s office:

Pardon Adam’s look of insanity. Not sure what to do with that boy sometimes.

So we’re at the appointment and the ultrasound technologist begins swooshing the wand around and capturing images of different parts of the baby. Gotta measure everything out. Then it’s time – did we want to know – yup! So it took awhile, but after some maneuvering the tech guy pointed out parts that he described as female and pointed out what wasn’t there in the view he could find. He said he was 95% sure, it’s a GIRL!

95%? Thanks dude, now I’m going to stress over that 5%. (Well, I will try not to.)

Here’s a picture of our baby girl, in a funny on-her-tummy position. I think it’s pretty cool you can totally see her spine in detail.

So the first thing we did — we hit up Frost Cupcake Factory in Campbell. I’d been wanting to try their cupcakes so this seemed like an appropriate time to do so. While enjoying our cupcakes I noticed the store had some merchandise with a cupcake on it – and what did they have? A cute little pink onesie! So, while it’s not the FIRST baby purchase we’ve made, it’s certainly the first baby-girl themed purchase.


19 Weeks – March 23rd:

At 19 weeks I celebrated my 33rd birthday! Not much in terms of baby-talk, but mostly I kept thinking I was feeling more of this “fluttering” movement everyone talks about. I still hadn’t felt anything too specific just yet. So for my birthday, friends gathered at my favorite spot in downtown San Jose, the San Pedro Square Market, for some lunch and cake. It was a lot of fun, exactly what I was hoping it would be. Laid back, nice weather, great food and conversations. That was Saturday, on my actual birthday (Sunday) – we spent the day with my parents, hanging out and having lunch. By the end of Sunday I was pretty beat so I was lying down on the couch. Then, I felt something. Something a bit stronger than specific fluttering movements. I felt a little bit but decided to wait for another time that it might be more direct. And sure enough, Monday morning at work, BAM! Baby Girl let me know she was there. Best birthday gift ever! Tuesday night, I’m again, lounging on the couch and she started up again, so I called Adam over and he was able to feel two little punches as well. Such an amazing moment!


20 Weeks – March 31st (TODAY!):

Feeling more movement in the last few days and kind of getting an idea of when she’s up and about – naturally it’s when I haven’t been moving for awhile, but she tends to get active between 8am and 11am, and then sometime late in the evening is when I feel the most movement. Yesterday morning she was kicky so I decided to watch my stomach. I was able to SEE a kick (punch, whatever kind of movement it is.) That was pretty freaky as well.

I realize, our girl is going to ask one day what it was like for me while she was pregnant and so far words like “weird” and “freaky” are the my most commonly used terms. I guess I should say fluffier things like “amazing” and “magical”?

And as I’m writing this, she’s awake and kicky. Thankfully I’m home because I can lift up my pants and watch my stomach bump around. I don’t think doing this in public would be appropriate behavior, no?


So that’s my update.. now I will just do some individual posts as events or moment happen along the way! Glad to feel all caught up now.

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  1. 1 Dad said at 11:10 am on March 31st, 2013:

    Thanks for the link and all the updates. Will be watching for more as it gets closer.
    Love you both.

  2. 2 Kendra said at 1:54 pm on March 31st, 2013:

    Weird and freaky! ;) so exciting.

  3. 3 Dad said at 6:49 am on May 2nd, 2013:

    I keep coming here for the latest/greatest. Waiting to see what she posts for the entire month of April.