Overfelt Gardens Park

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Adam and I spent a bit of the morning wandering around Overfelt Gardens Park. The last time we were there was back in 2005 (see Flickr set here) and since we live much closer to it now, I thought we’d give it another go.

One of the nice things about the park is that it’s quiet! Also it is filled with trees and green grass. Some parks we’ve been to, while they have some trees and grass, are often just patches here and there and the land is still rather “dry”.

We didn’t meander into the Chinese Gardens this time because there was a group of people doing some form of Tai-Chi exercises and we didn’t want to bother them. Plus it gives us another half of the park to explore on another day.

While the signs say there is no barbecuing allowed (no pits available), there are ample picnic tables around which prompted my grand idea of having weekend picnics now that the weather is better. Looking forward to getting out more! Plenty of shaded areas to enjoy a sandwich. (Posted a handful of photos in a new Flickr set here.)


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