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Sometimes I have these moments were I see a cute little baby and suddenly I’m not moving and realize… omg… we’re going to have one of those. Near me, in my arms, blinking, breathing, wiggling… pooping, crying, drooling… but here.

I had one of these realizations smack dab in the middle of dinner out with Adam the other night.

I had been craving simple chicken Pad Thai. Nothing fancy, just some Pad Thai. That noodley, nutty, chickeny goodness. Mmm… oh so anyway, was craving it. So off we went to Thai Spice. Since it was a Sunday evening, the place was not too busy so it was rather quiet.

Adam and I were having a conversation – and not a rushed one or full of random gibberish of the day. It was actually a pretty good one! There was a pause in conversation, and right then I sighed and put down my fork. I looked down at my stomach and I said to Adam, “I can’t believe we’re going to have a baby.”

Adam’s eyes got big and he quickly looked around, almost in a slight panic.

“Wait — did I just pass out for 10 minutes? Did I miss a conversation? Where did this come from?”

Yeah, my train of thought gets derailed at a moment’s notice. It happens. I didn’t think it really did, but it does. That ‘pregnant brain‘ thing is REAL, YO.

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