Heh. Hi?

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Sooooo.. yeah blog. BllllawwG. I think I can still say the word. Maybe I will start posting again.. but yuck my site looks ancient and all sorts of phooey.

Since last May

  • I had a baby (July 30, 2013 to be exact)! The cutest little girl in the whole wide world.
  • I went back to work part-time, now working in Downtown San Jose.
  • I’ve dabbled in some freelance food photography for a local new restaurant. Lots of fun there.
  • Baby baby baby baby is pretty much the rest of my time.

Basically the three of you (maybe two?) that even have this page bookmarked know all of these things.. I’m just pushing buttons right now. Considering a few options.. I want to revive the page, maybe bring in my Instagram feed.. I dunno.

We’ll see. Just dusting things off..

Hi and bye!

3 Comments on “Heh. Hi?”

  1. 1 Kendra said at 9:54 pm on August 29th, 2014:

    omg you had a baby? Holy moly, I miss everything by not being on Facebook ;-)

  2. 2 Jennifer said at 10:10 pm on August 29th, 2014:

    ha ha
    Sierra should give you a report every now and then.

  3. 3 Marc said at 11:31 pm on August 31st, 2014:

    You won’t get rid of me that easily. Even if the lights have been off for some time, I’ve still been lurking in here (thanks to feedly ;)