Too Much Stuff vs Small Spaces

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After having our baby we went through what other new parents have gone through — the expansion of “stuff”. Now, we already had too much crap anyway – but now we have baby toys, clothes, big toys, bags of clothes. I’ve done what I can for now with her nursery to store or somewhat organize what we have. That includes the stuff I wanted to keep that was originally in the nursery in the first place!


For several years now I have kept 90% of my totes, purses, makeup bags, and various wallets and coin purses in one of our large drawers. (The other two drawers contain shoes and camera goodies. Clothing? No.)

We used to keep some of our extra towels in our hallway closet – but it’s horribly unorganized and now I’ve stored all of the Kirkland formula tins we’ve emptied, in the closet for a future project. (No.. not a hoarder, stop that. They will be gone by Christmas.)

So the towels have taken up residency on our dresser. Yuck.

photo (14)

I’m sure Sheldon would not like it either.

We hit up IKEA and bought some of those kitchen rods with little hooks. I chose the wall behind our door as the unused space perfect for this project.

BEFORE: Boring. Empty.

photo 1
DURING: Large tote bags now have a home!

And theeeen… another row, with caddy for wallets and small stuff!
You are excited, I know. Please contain yourself.

photo 4
AFTER: Wait, there’s MORE? Why yes!

I debated adding a third row, but I was never good at debating so I lost. I grabbed one of the many frames we have piled around and voila…

photo 5


Now… on to the next project!


Heh. Hi?

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Sooooo.. yeah blog. BllllawwG. I think I can still say the word. Maybe I will start posting again.. but yuck my site looks ancient and all sorts of phooey.

Since last May

  • I had a baby (July 30, 2013 to be exact)! The cutest little girl in the whole wide world.
  • I went back to work part-time, now working in Downtown San Jose.
  • I’ve dabbled in some freelance food photography for a local new restaurant. Lots of fun there.
  • Baby baby baby baby is pretty much the rest of my time.

Basically the three of you (maybe two?) that even have this page bookmarked know all of these things.. I’m just pushing buttons right now. Considering a few options.. I want to revive the page, maybe bring in my Instagram feed.. I dunno.

We’ll see. Just dusting things off..

Hi and bye!

Sea of Sweets

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Sea of sweets

Once again I had a great time at the Dishcrawl held at The Fairmont San Jose. Read about the food in my blog post over at The San Jose Blog.

Super Bowl ads; My Faves

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A quick rundown of my favorite ads from today’s Super Bowl: Tips

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (movie trailer)

NBC: Heroes Football

Bud Light: Swedish (featuring Conan O’Brien)

Doritos: Crystal Ball

Some good movies coming our way; Star Trek, Transformers 2, GI Joe, Land of the Lost. And yes, I said Star Trek. It looks pretty flashy, might actually draw in people who normally do not like Star Trek.